Our new mission project with your help is to expand our music outreach to the country of Costa Rica!

‚ÄčOur plan is to build a sound recording studio and office for One Hope Music. The recording studio would be a great opportunity for Costa Rican musicians to record who might not have been able to afford it. It would also be a workplace for producing music CD's videos and MP3's, that we then would share with the local community and people in need who would benefit from the hope and encouragement of our music ministry. We will also offer online music listening sites of a variety of music styles for people of all ages to enjoy. 

We would also like to build several studio apartments for people that have traveled to our facility to make use of our sound recording studio. In Costa Rica many come by the public bus system and would benefit from having temporary housing while they are working on music projects. These would also be used to offer housing for those that might be helping to work on current projects that would be gifted to our beneficiaries.

Costa Rica is a country of great poverty and need but yet great opportunities. We would love to be able to share the joy of music with those who might not be able to afford it otherwise.